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UK Brexit Border Control

A1TSS has been working with the Government and private sector clients throughout Covid-19 crisis to keep the country working and will continue to do so as we go through the Brexit process.


As suppliers to our clients, we play a pivotal role in helping us to maintain these key services. The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union became law in the UK on 31 December 2020, which clarified several key points for Trade with the EU:

1. Customs Duties on all goods originating in the EU or UK are prohibited (Tariffs)

2. However, there are potential issues for products containing significant amounts of material that did not originate in the country of production, where Tariffs may be applicable. We are monitoring the situation as regards non-Tariff measures, which may require additional activities such as technical inspections and suggest that our suppliers do the same.

3. The Northern Ireland Protocol means exporting to NI from Great Britain has the same rules applied as if it were still part of the EU, so that goods can move freely across the border with the Republic of Ireland Whilst we have not encountered any significant problems related to the above, we are monitoring that situation. With regard to Brexit planning, there are three key areas where we expect our suppliers to be taking proactive action, listed below. We also expect any suppliers that encounter unexpected Brexit-related risks or delays to contact their normal Procurement contact immediately to discuss the implications.

A1 Have successfully delivers circa 1000 operatives for this task to date.

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