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Centre Park Link

A number of partners have provided the funding for this £19.89 million project: Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Fund, Ministry of Housing and Community and Warrington Borough Council.

The scheme comprises a 1.2km highway link and signalised junctions including a 45m span bridge crossing of the River Mersey and all associated environmental and civil infrastructure design.

  • Overall predicted impacts and outcomes of the scheme include:

  • Relieve traffic congestion by providing a new river bridge link

  • Make land viable for development of new housing by providing access to brownfield and underused sites in the Town Centre and Warrington Waterfront.

  • Increase resilience and reliability of the highway network

  • Make Warrington a more attractive place to live and for businesses to invest

  • Enhance access to the Town Centre and Centre Park Business Park, leading to economic growth and physical regeneration at Centre Park and in the Town Centre

  • Save journey time for commuters, business users and Transport Providers;

  • Reduce pedestrian and cyclist severance between the Town Centre and Centre Park Business Park

  • Contribute to the achievement of air quality objectives in Warrington Town Centre.

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